The ascolana olive is an explosion of flavor, with its crispy shell concealing a delicious meat and cheese filling. It is an irresistible appetizer that represents the excellence of Marche cuisine.


Offer a delightful combination of briny olives and flavorful meat filling, making them a popular and delicious appetizer or snack in Italian cuisine.

Directly from Marche

Ascoli olives are a delicious appetizer typical of the Marche region. They are large, fleshy green olives that are pitted and stuffed with various flavorings, breaded and fried to a golden crispness. Ascoli olives are loved for their contrasting textures, with the crispy shell enveloping a succulent and flavorful filling. This appetizer is an authentic Marche specialty and is a true sin of gluttony for lovers of traditional Italian culinary delicacies.

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